It was one of the most edifying and nurturing experiences of my life. I have gained a deeper appreciation of what it means to look after the land, and all the plants and animals that inhabit it.
— Karen, Intern

Wildwood Harvest offers competitive internships on the farm.  We have hosted over 50 interns and greatly enjoy bringing in people to becoming a part of our farm and home.  We have 6 spots available per season.  Internship runs from March 15 - September 15th.  Food, education, and housing provided.  30 hours a week, with 2 days off a week.  While we require you to stay the entire internship season, we do allow for a reasonable amount of time off for any previous engagements. 


Our experience at Wildwood Harvest couldn’t have been any better. Keith and Katie are some of the nicest folks we have ever met, not just in the intern program but probably ever. Their sense of humor and hospitality can’t be beat. They are both great cooks and Katie is an excellent baker! Their home and land is very welcoming and warm and the animals are all so sweet and happy, you can tell that they are well taken care of. Keith and Katie are also extremely knowledgeable about permaculture design and have an excellent presentation about the subject that all interns should see. The workload is incredibly fair and a lot of the permaculture projects are fun and engaging as well. Other projects include vermiculture, hugel-culture, making compost tea, surveying for swales, and aquaculture. We also really enjoyed spending time with their family and friends, they are part of a unique and special community of people that we were very lucky to meet and spend time with. We were very sad to leave when the time came but we are already making plans to return again because we had such a great time here. Anyone invited to intern on this farm is lucky to have the opportunity, we appreciate everything that has been done for us and hope to see everyone again soon!”
— Kalie and Ian, Interns